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Spontaneous Combustion? Your Numerology Vibrations for March 22, 2013


Ahhh...The Master Teacher comes home to visit and "I know best" is following it (not to mention 3 numbers that can analyse to the hilt). 

Shall we say, "Mountains out of Molehills?" Yes, well...(and then there's that Uranus and Mars dance in Aries facing off today....)

The minds will be going triple time analyzing everything we, and everyone else, have ever done. The simple words of another could really put us over the top when it wasn't meant to be taken that way at all.


  • Try to think before speaking - is it for the better good?
  • Who's the teacher? Who's the student? We all get to be the student as well today
  • Learn
  • Choose topics you've wanted to learn about and spend a little time in reading
  • Visit a bookstore and/or library
  • Do a few repairs around your home
  • Clean your house
  • Organize a room or two
  • Listen
  • Be slow to.....argue

Doesn't sound like a particularly social day, does it? Or particularly what we think of as the Master Teacher. It can be if we remember to Listen, Learn, and be slow to....