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Take Charge! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 28, 2013


FOCUS! We can sum up today in just one word. Focus. 1s are excellent at that. Diligent, motivated, determined...

Today's double 1s will be the last for quite a while. Those born today, March 28, 2013, will be individuals that will be all those things mentioned above and more. It would be beneficial if they are bear names that bring community and togetherness towards them (2s and 6s) to bring balance into the mix.


  • Start a new project
  • Continue projects you have started more diligently
  • Prioritize!
  • Have a goal in mind? ACTION! Take action towards it as opposed to just thinking about it Think of what you can do as a physical movement towards it
  • Be careful of your words before you speak (multiple 1s can be a bit aggressive)
  • Don't procrastinate
  • Take charge but not dictatorial
  • If stressful, breathe...get outside (if possible) for a few moments and breathe. Find something of beauty to focus upon
  • If you own a tabletop fountain, turn it on today.You'll probably apreciate it more

Focus. What do you wish to achieve? The next few days will be much slower and it'll also be the weekend when many places are closed, so today is the day to achieve some of the items on your list!