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Try To Think Outside The Box! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 26, 2013


There are some number combos that just aren't FUN to write about. That's right! In fact, I bet the last time this happened, it was Saturday because I didn't post that day. I said, "Forget it!" 

8s can be...boring (I'm not talking about the people), unimaginative, it's all about the almighty buck, so why would I want to write the same ol', same ol' about business and finance? I don't. And we have two of them today. 

Everyone looks at the 11 and says, "Yes, but there's an 11!" That's the attitude number. It's an illusion - a facade that we all wear that has an importance, but it's not what is really going on. And with two 8s, their ability to take control/charge/bully will override the 11's giving nature.

What else? What else? Oh yes. 8s want the trophy. They want to "look cool, sharp, and on top of their game," and then are disappointed when it holds no substance (such as looking for love in all the wrong bodies. "But everyone wants him/her so it must be love, right? And they would improve my image sitting next to me."). They also can't afford to get caught and are accident prone so don't be naughty today.

Got to be something else...Oh Yes! HEALTH. Let's talk about that and I'll add it to the list below.


  • Pay a bill. I know, I said I wouldn't talk about it, but it is an 8.
  • If you do have issues with your finances, fix it - change it - apply for new work. Think outside the box (8s can do that).
  • Consider new ways of eating/nutrition and have fun with it (I know the 8 doesn't care about fun)
  • Try container planting this year if you're in limited space or can't do what it takes for large scale gardening
  • Plant sunflowers or at least the seed (the MAMMOUTH ones - 8s like doing things on a large scale). They can make great shade, protein, boosters for the bees, grows easily in a smidgen of dirt, beautiful color, kids love them...
  • Think herbs would improve your nutrition? How about an indoor herbal garden? It can be started now
  • Need to breathe better air? Research which indoor plants are best for this and bring them into your home (remember, 8s like the best)
  • Need ideas? Take a look at the video below for an interesting idea and "Think Vertical!"