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You're No Fun! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 8, 2013


Wow! We're just not going to be that much fun today. It's all about our jobs, careers, money, business and shall I say, we might just be a little tyrannical? However, if you're a solitary business owner, let 'er rip! Because you could accomplish some fantastic things around business. 

Double 8s - know how to be Generals, decision making, judging, nose to the grindstone....let's stop now. Hopefully, the 11 attitude (which is not a strong category in the vibration department) will have us at least asking, "What is best for me and all concerned?"


  • Consider some tough decisions in the area of business/finance. Get out your notepad and figure out the Pros and Cons of these decisions
  • File your taxes (US) or at least get them prepared
  • Reconsider what you do for a living (if this has been an issue)
  • Answer a job advertisement
  • Jog or walk (it's also a health day) - It's good for stress
  • Do try to take others' needs into consideration

Short list, but it's just not quite a sharing day. It will be our job to consciously bring that into the mix and not just having it all one way - MY WAY.