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Opportunity! A Destiny Number of 4

Your Destiny Number is taken by the addition of your original name as it appears on your birth certificate (first, middle, last). If your name changed on your birth certificate, what was the original one? You are also not the sum of one number but for these writings, we look at it that way.

If you have a Destiny Number of 4, you are here to bring stability to yourself and the people you live with. You are here to learn to have the courage to carry out your innovations.

I always have people ask, "What does that mean?" and generally it comes from people who share the more freedom loving numbers ("Live for today" - "Love the One You're With" - you'll recognize those vibrations). Just the thought of buckling themselves to a grindstone is a frightening prospect.

In a nutshell, reach for the best prospects when it comes to business and create a nest egg. Isn't that what we deserve? Of course it is. Take complex or simple opportunities to put money away…

Make It Fun! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 30, 2013

Last day of the back to back challenging vibrations for a bit! Again, if you recall April, 2004 - same vibrations. (If you don't, don't worry - it was not that eventful)
It's not nearly as much about the playful 3 today as it is about bringing more enjoyment to business pursuits. And if you can get with others to brainstorm employment endeavors - go for it!


Organize! Yes, reorganize at least 1 thingRevamp a resume if you're looking for employmentIf you're looking for employment, let your family/friends know what you're looking for. Talk about it with people who may have an "in" to a company you'd like to work for. Above all, share with those who would be SUPPORTIVE of you!Let the Universe know what your employment/study vision is - say it out loudEnroll in classes that you might enjoyConsider redecorating your home or just one roomSell your artwork - put it up for sale online or perhaps on commission in a local store/coffee shopConsider …

Finding Joy Within Yourself - A Destiny Number of 3

Your Destiny Number is taken by the addition of your original name as it appears on your birth certificate (first, middle, last). If your name changed on your birth certificate, what was the original one? You are also not the sum of one number but for these writings, we look at it that way.

If you have a Destiny Number of 3, you are here to accomplish communication. You are here to bring happiness to those around you and help others to be the best that they can be.

Sounds like a handful, doesn't it? 

Let's address "communication" because I believe there are those who are yelling "I'm not speaking in front of a group!" You don't have to. Communication comes in many forms: writing, speaking, drawing, acting, singing, songwriting, painting, photography, sales, sculpturing,etc. The creative avenues are endless of how you can project yourself into the world.

The 3 destiny loves to laugh and play. They also want everyone around them to join in the fun as well…

Announce It To The Universe! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 29, 2013


Were you procrastinating this past weekend through all that energy? Did you finally decide what you wished to accomplish but think the vibration has passed? Not really. 

Today's vibration says, "Tell it to the Universe!" Tell it to your friends, family, strangers, whomever you believe will listen and have your best interest to heart. You can even announce it on Social Networks!

It's not a day of complaint. It's a day of uplifting - yourself and others. With the 3, we're communicating as well, not just a fast blurp and running off to the next interaction. Take time to interact more than a few words.


Announce to the Universe what you intend to accomplish in this lifetimeIf it's not positive, push it aside (or if it's an event, deal with it and move on)Trust your gut feelingsLaughPlayBe CreativeNetwork your business with othersNetwork your community groupCall friends you haven't talked to in awhile or email themMeditate and expect an answer

Blessed Are The Peacemakers...A Destiny Number of 2

Your Destiny Number is taken by the addition of your original name as it appears on your birth certificate (first, middle, last). If your name changed on your birth certificate, what was the original one? You are also not the sum of one number but for these writings, we look at it that way.

If you have a Destiny Number of 2, you are here to recognize your intuition and bring peace to the world.

Wow! That sounds like a heavy-duty accomplishment. When we use the word "world", we're not necessarily meaning the entire planet. It does, however, describe your world (your family, your community, whatever you deem your world to be). It is the description of the mediator, the negotiator.

Two is not a leadership number. In fact, it is more of a follower, but there is a reason for it. To deal with other people and their frustrations, "feeling" and sensitivity become incredibly important. It's the ability to follow your gut feelings and know when to remain silent. It'…

"Git 'Er Done!" Your Numerology Vibrations for April 28, 2013


MI-MI-MI...It's all about meeeeee!

Yes it is. And it should be. 

It's not that we'll get totally selfish -- we have a mission. And as long as that mission is for our (1) highest and best good (11), it'll fit right in this day.

If you're looking for a day of togetherness and sharing, this isn't it. So, don't take it personally if everyone is concentrating more on their goals and projects than on you. It's ok...


You may have started a project over the past three days, keep it up!Perhaps you seriously considered accomplishing a goal since Friday, this is a serious "start it!" dayMake sure what you go after is for your Highest and Best Good - is it? If you're not sure, rethink it this morning and come to a decision by the afternoon. Take a step towards it.Don't procrastinate on those thoughts that pop in your head and say, "Do it now", "You need to [fill in the blank]."Take charge of a situation that needs to b…

You Were Meant To Lead! A Destiny Number of 1

Your Destiny Number is taken by the addition of your original name as it appears on your birth certificate (first, middle, last). If your name changed on your birth certificate, what was the original one? You are also not the sum of one number but for these writings, we look at it that way.

If you have a Destiny Number of 1, you are here to become a leader, independent in many pursuits, inventive, and leading others to be the best they can be. You're here to take a stand and follow it through or learn to delegate to others without driving them away (brow beating is not a trait of a good leader). No one else can do it for you.

You will learn how to take your best ideas and manifest them into reality. And making decisions independently will also be on the list. Shedding the feelings of inadequacy and "I'm always making mistakes" are also required. We may have needed to go through a series of steps  before arriving at our goal. Those steps are not failures.

Building our ow…

Head 'Em Up; Move 'Em Out! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 27, 2013

Here's that alpha/omega combo for one last whirl. Even this Numerologist is looking forward to May and an entirely different combo of numbers. If you felt you were struggling a bit or "always at odds" (no pun intended), May will provide relief for some of you. And once again, we are repeating the year 2004 with it's vibrations. What were you doing then?
Let's see...I believe you were throwing out your old clothes yesterday. (Or at least that was the project) so today, whatever you were shedding yesterday, continue today and keep on going. Wrap it up and take the first set of action to remedy it.
TODAY: If you were throwing out old clothes, buy something new (even just one thing)Got rid of a job? Start searching online or the newspapers for a new one. Apply on Monday (if not today)Broke off a relationship? Start concentrating on yourself today! Begin with a great cup of coffee, tea, or juice (put it in a wine glass!). Relish the moment.Decided to get rid of the…

Throw It Out! Your Numerology vibrations for April 26, 2013

The last 8/9 challenge for awhile! We're given another opportunity to stop/quit/rearrange 

our jobs, career choices, bad health choices, habits we'd like or should shed or even.....

our wardrobes! Oh Yes....let's talk about that one, shall we?

Did you know that 8 loves looking HOT!?
Of course. It isn't a time of crazy dressing, as 8 doesn't want to look like (shall we admit) someone who will qualify for the online Wal-mart crowd photos! NOOOOOOO!


What doesn't fit nicely?Does it make you happy wearing it?Does it brighten you up colorwise? Or is it Swamp Green, Sewer Brown, or a truly unidentifiable color that drains you of life? Get rid of it. Choose rich COLOR! If you don't know if it looks good, grab a person in the store and askHave you worn it in the last 5 years? Do you really think you're going to?Does it have sleeves you've literally cut off with a pair of scissors (along with snags, holes, etc.)?Would it qualify for the Wal-Mart Pho…

Chill! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 25, 2013

The conflicting combos are coming to an end, but we still have a few days left. Today is no different.
7 - solitude, isolation, research, searching our spirituality, questioning our purpose in life

8 - decision making, government, judgments, business, finances, supervise

We may feel a bit on our own today as we ask the big questions. If we don't like the answers, we may even get a bit.....hmmmm....testy. When 8 is going after what it wants, it tends to take no prisoners.


Expect times of isolation and don't take it personally. You could really get some hard-hitting projects accomplishedTake a page from the 7. It's better to remain silent, and think it through firstChillIf stressed, walk in nature for a few moments and then come back in and begin againWork on some projects you've really wanted to accomplish, though don't expect it to be group participationDo not be quick in your decisions - what's the highest and best good for you?Research better ways of…

Do You Have A Mission To Accomplish? Your Numerology Vibration for April 24, 2013


6 and 7. Such an unusual combo, but not a bad one overall. 

We're bringing community/family together with spirituality and/or research. Hmmmm..... 

It's a good time for any type of group to get together to brainstorm a new concept, or a new research project.


Have a new work project? Get out the paper, pens, and laptops. It's time for everyone to get together and play their part gathering pertinent information. It's not a one person does it all dayTrust your 6th sense (gut feelings, intuition). Both the 6 and 7 bring special intuitive gifts to the tableEngage also in one on one gatherings in quiet groups (the 7 likes that)Stressed? Get out in nature even if it's just for a few minutes. Walk around your yard and then start againAre you a designer? Spend some time on your craft and research other avenues you'd like to bring into your tradeRead and/or studyBring nature into your home with either potted plants, a table top fountain, or something from your y…

Be Different! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 23, 2013

"I'm going to [___]"
"Well, perhaps not."
"Let's take a trip to [___].
"Maybe we'll stay home."
"I'm going to do this NOW!"
"But on the other hand...."

Easy enough - 5 wants it NOW. 6 will always question if it's the right thing to do. Put 5 and 6 in a room and ask them to make a major decision, 5 will have to browbeat 6 into the answer. She'll throw her hands up in the air and practice huge restraint from throwing 6 out the window. My God in Heaven, how long is this going to take?!


Don't worry about huge decisions unless you have to come up with one. If you do, take a lesson from the 6 and go a little slow to make sure that's what you truly want.Do something crazy with a decorating idea - you know you wanted a red room - Pick out the paint swatches!Fix something very different for supperTake the kids or yourself on a nature hikeShut off the TV and bring out the board games this eveningSpring/F…

The Answers Are Within - Your Numerology Vibrations for April 22, 2013


We were here 9 days ago, but this time, it's a little different. The Master Teacher is here to create change. 

Does it have to be massive change? No, not necessarily. But we are all being asked to accept, learn, or begin something different within our lives. What will it be for you?

The answers are within ourselves - we have to listen and trust what they are. Even though it is a 5 Life Path  Day, intuition is running particularly high today.


Have questions? TRUST and take a few moments to "listen" to the still small voice within. If you're not sure of the answer, write it down. Contemplate the possibilities of your answerReadHave a business? Concentrate on Public RelationsStudy something you've been wanting to learnGive compassionate advice only if askedSee a workshop you've wanted to attend? Sign upWant to travel to a particular location? Go or purchase a future ticketCan't travel? Order a book on the country you'd like to visit or enjoy so…

Wrap It Up - Get It On! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 18, 2013

We have two more 9/1 combos this month (today and the 27th), but this is not the time to procrastinate. 

This is our infamous "Wrap It Up - Get It On!" vibration.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to leave the habit behind. Today we have a second opportunity to not only leave behind that which doesn't work, but take the first step to move forward. It's a day of ACTION!


Walk away from that which is not for your highest and best good; Move towards the good for your lifeChange your opinion of how you view a situation if you feel there's more to a story you're experiencingPractice compassion, even with yourselfMake an important decision and take the first step towards taking it (make an appointment, announce it, sign a contract, etc.)Give constructive, compassionate advice, if askedTake time to listen to one who needs an earBalance your time between others and yourselfWrite non-fiction/self-help or journalTake a short time to meditate or just sit in sile…

Don't Get Caught! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 17, 2013

8 doesn't provide the variety of some of the other numbers, and most of us immediately jump on finances. Let's talk about some of the shadier side of 8 that is rarely talked about - "Getting Caught." 

When the 8 appears, we shouldn't try to get away with something because the other side of this number says, "You're going to get caught." It's a time to be on the up and up and mind your Ps & Qs - so to speak. The 9, though very humanitarian, says let's put an end to habits and situations that we know, if revealed or caught, we'd be embarrassed, frantic, or ashamed. 

8 - business, finance, health, looks, and one that says, "Don't try to get away with it."

9 - wrapping it up, concluding what ultimately doesn't work for your highest and best good, counselor, therapist, old wisdom


Begin ending a habit that isn't in your best interestBegin ending a health habit that isn't in your best interestStop an unheal…

Leave Me Alone! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 15, 2013

In the US, it's Tax Day. We must have our taxes filed by today. If you haven't done it before then, these two vibrations won't typically help you.

7 - the Spiritual Seeker, research, observation, questioning - It sounds like this one may work quite well today if you're delving into anything that requires research and figuring things out, but...

6 - family, community, domesticity, design - not necessarily your focused financial powerhouse


Expect family/friends may desire time for themselves; don't take it personallyBalance your time between isolation and community (7 is a loner number)If you have something that you need to research regarding your home/family, do it (researching a deed, researching how to solve a health issue, etc)Take some alone time to beautify or design a room in your homeTrace your genealogyFind a better way to perform something (i.e. canning, food preservation, hobbies, etc)Take some one on one time with each of your children, your spou…

LIVE! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 14, 2013

This is a combo that always gets my attention and provides for a quiet moment...contemplating.

5 - change, movement, spontaneity

6 - the family, nurturing, design, domesticity

When these two come together, it can be like a "Come As You Are" party with giddiness, or silliness or there can the feel of wanting real change within your "family" structure. (Family can also include those people you view as family). 

If your family unit is not strong, it can bring thoughts of "why me?", "this needs to change", even to the point of "I want out." Whether you act on it will be up to you.


Focus on reality. Spend little time on "what if", unless you have truly decided on a change of lifestyleTake an adventure with the familyEngage in sportsTravel with friends/family5 doesn't like boredom; think outside the box Get out an interactive board game if you can't get outsideChange a room or two aroundRedesign your favorite roomCoo…

Get Out Of The House! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 13, 2013

When 4 and 5 come together, Stability meets Freedom & Change. That's a bit of a challenge, isn't it?

4 is just one of those numbers that includes...Life! It surrounds our home, business, and study,which for most of us includes all we do.

5 - change, freedom, excitement, stimulation, adventure, movement, travel.


OrganizeSeek more stabilitySeek employment or different employment (spread the word-5s like that) and think outside the boxDon't procrastinate about something you wish to accomplish around home/businessChange something about your home (rearrangement, DIY projects, etc.)Move - literally. Move to a new place to liveLook for a new place to liveGood day to travel for education or businessThinking of changing your major at school? Research it or do it, if you've already made up your mindExpect the unexpected but realize that you have the control over how you react4 can be a real homebody, but 5 says, "Oh Noooo!" Take a break from "inside&q…

Be Careful What You Wish For - Your Numerology Vibrations for April 11, 2013

The Master Number 11 is back again today but in a different capacity. It was focused on oneself yesterday as today, it's focused on those around us. We're still looking at the highest and best good for ourselves (and others), but now it's time to speak that into reality. 

3 - the number of communication, creativity, and playfulness says "Let's have a bit of fun with this as well." We'll be looking at the positive (unless we're dead set on the negative - our choice) and projecting into the world what we really want. 

What do you want? Tell the Universe today!


Speak aloud exactly what you want - be careful what you wish forListen to your own words - what are you manifesting into your life with them?Listen to your feelings? Feelings are stronger than words in manifestation.PlayTrust your gut feelings - intuition is running highAsk questions of the Divine and listen for the answersNetwork with friends re: business or pleasurePaintColorSingCreate…

Get Off The Fence! Your Numerology Vibrations For April 10, 2013


1 and 11 rejoin again this month (and there will be a few more) to bring us a day of FOCUS! With the 1 aspect, it isn't so much about what others want - it's what do WE want. What do we want for ourselves? Where do we wish to take our lives?

It can be simple; it can be complex. Doesn't matter. Put the blinders on today and hone your plan. And if you have one, begin making your intentions and taking steps.

It can all be summed up in this question.

Three frogs sitting on a fence. One decides to jump down to the ground. How many are still on the fence?

So often people say "2 frogs are left on the fence."

No. There are still 3. One only decided to get down from there. Until it actually jumps, it's still on the fence.

1/5/11 - take your best steps towards that which is for the highest and best good of the Universe, yourself, and all that are included.

Create Anew! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 9, 2013


Out with the old; in with the new. 9 says, "What did you decide to shed yesterday?" Ok...then start implementing the new. Change it around.


Wrap up the projects started yesterdayFinish older projects that needed finishing or if you know you won't, store it or give it awayBegin new projects todayPursue a goal - take action stepsBegin a new lifestyle habit; let go of the oldMake an important decisionClean out a closet/drawerGive away unwanted items to a charity organization or someone you know who can use themListenAnalyzeCreateBuild

What do you want to do? It's the day. Give it Away and Create Anew!

Wrap It Up! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 8, 2013

When the 8/9 combo appears, we begin looking at our finances - what's working? What's not? Is there enough? Are we not investing the way we'd like? Do we want all those accounts? Do I like my bank or are they driving me nuts? Should I go back to work or not? 

We may look at it as a "bad day at work" when it's actually not. We're just evaluating what we don't like about it. If you're truly unhappy with your work, you may wish to chuck it out the door and for some, they will. It was time to let it go. But if you're not sure, you'll have a few more vibrations this week to make that important decision (like tomorrow). 


Take some time to listen to co-workersWrap up an important decisionWrap up a financial duty (taxes, profit/loss reports, inventory reports, etc)Re-evaluate how you have invested your money or where your money presently sitsClose an account that has not been proving to be the best investmentRoll over an accountStop a di…

Shake it up! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 5, 2013

"Shake it all night"

Today's vibration reminds me of this song. We certainly do NOT want to be bored and so we're all looking for something a little different to do. None of the numbers above are particularly work driven like the 1 and 8, so even though we still may hold onto our work ethic, we're looking to have a little more fun and laughter added to the mix. I would say that this is a good one for a Friday.


Take goodies into the office and shareRevamp your schedule (if you can) and don't do the same ol' thingChange your office or house about - create more room within a roomIt's time to break out those new paint swatches and begin the painting - haven't decided on it yet? Choose something different! Break out of the ordinary.Cook something different tonightMake it a family night, but not a "sit around" one. Either get out of the house or participate in an activity  the 5 wants movementHave a small impromptu or &qu…

I Don't Want To Be Here! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 4, 2013


Should I stay? Should I go? The combo of the stable one meets the adventurer.

The mind could wander a bit today as the focused 4 keeps being reminded by the wandering 5 that it would be more fun to [fill in the blank]. 

These are typically not partners in the world of Numerology, so we could be all over the board when it comes to paying attention.

However, the 4 and 8 are business numbers; the 5 is PR and Sales - so if you're in a business, TRY to keep it lighthearted and you'll do well with your customers (the 4 and 8 are not into lighthearted).


Take time for both vibrations. Don't feel it has to be just one wayGet out for a short walk - work will always be waiting when you returnUtilize an organizer, if need be, to schedule all the things you want to doTake time out to study a topic you've wanted to learn, particularly if there is movement, hands-on, travel, or action involved in itDon't try to complete all your DIY projects unless you have 4s and 8s in y…

Get On The Horn! Your Numerology vibrations for April 3, 2013


Networking - the combo of the 3/4 says, "Let's get together and share our business experiences. How can we help each other?" The Loner 7, however, might not make it appear so.

Be the one that starts the conversation. Don't wait. If someone doesn't talk back, don't take it personally. Move on.


Enjoy the conversation of colleagues, employees, or co-workers - keep it light and friendlyPresent your suggestions and ideas at work to the appropriate sourceSelf-employed? Take time with your customers todaySmile!Creative employment? It's a day to shine with it. What new artistic angle can you bring to your business?Though the 4 is more methodical, do something around the house that makes you happyBe creative on a DIY project around the homeStudy with a partner (if you're in school)Starting a business? ADVERTISE!Yard Sale Today? ADVERTISE! (Even if you just create a sign on the side of the road)Create a new resume
This morning a Facebook message came a…

Tell Me A Story! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 2, 2013

April! The month is filled with...challenging Numerology aspects...except for the 1/2 and 2/3 combos.'s jovial, playful, let's have a good time! In fact, I can't say any more about this combination as it's a good one all the way around.


Play with your partner, children, friendsMake a new friendsGo to coffee/tea/lunchHave lunch over Skype with a faraway friend (it's free)Call a friend you haven't talked to for awhile or at least, send an emailColorUse your intuition to guide youPropose (but be CREATIVE!)ListenDon't gossipTell jokes and storiesLet the artist in you come outLaugh...and the list is endless

There are those that wonder why a few around them don't vibrate with the positive vibrations that I try to write about each morning. Because we all have a choice. Every number has a positive and a negative. We choose whether we want the positive or hold on to the negative. It's up to us. In the meantime...tell me a story!