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Be Different! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 23, 2013


"I'm going to [___]"
"Well, perhaps not."
"Let's take a trip to [___].
"Maybe we'll stay home."
"I'm going to do this NOW!"
"But on the other hand...."

Easy enough - 5 wants it NOW. 6 will always question if it's the right thing to do. Put 5 and 6 in a room and ask them to make a major decision, 5 will have to browbeat 6 into the answer. She'll throw her hands up in the air and practice huge restraint from throwing 6 out the window. My God in Heaven, how long is this going to take?!


  • Don't worry about huge decisions unless you have to come up with one. If you do, take a lesson from the 6 and go a little slow to make sure that's what you truly want.
  • Do something crazy with a decorating idea - you know you wanted a red room - Pick out the paint swatches!
  • Fix something very different for supper
  • Take the kids or yourself on a nature hike
  • Shut off the TV and bring out the board games this evening
  • Spring/Fall Cleaning
  • Plant different colors and varieties in the garden instead of the same ol', same ol' (like the parrot tulip above)

It's domestic endeavors meets change and spontaneous. Be different!