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Do You Have A Mission To Accomplish? Your Numerology Vibration for April 24, 2013


6 and 7. Such an unusual combo, but not a bad one overall. 

We're bringing community/family together with spirituality and/or research. Hmmmm..... 

It's a good time for any type of group to get together to brainstorm a new concept, or a new research project.


  • Have a new work project? Get out the paper, pens, and laptops. It's time for everyone to get together and play their part gathering pertinent information. It's not a one person does it all day
  • Trust your 6th sense (gut feelings, intuition). Both the 6 and 7 bring special intuitive gifts to the table
  • Engage also in one on one gatherings in quiet groups (the 7 likes that)
  • Stressed? Get out in nature even if it's just for a few minutes. Walk around your yard and then start again
  • Are you a designer? Spend some time on your craft and research other avenues you'd like to bring into your trade
  • Read and/or study
  • Bring nature into your home with either potted plants, a table top fountain, or something from your yard (stone, wood, etc)
  • Learn from each other. Share wisdom and techniques
Though we bring community together today, it's not a party atmosphere. If we have a mission to accomplish, it's time to all take responsibility and then share the results with each other for the common good.