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Get On The Horn! Your Numerology vibrations for April 3, 2013


Networking - the combo of the 3/4 says, "Let's get together and share our business experiences. How can we help each other?" The Loner 7, however, might not make it appear so.

Be the one that starts the conversation. Don't wait. If someone doesn't talk back, don't take it personally. Move on.


  • Enjoy the conversation of colleagues, employees, or co-workers - keep it light and friendly
  • Present your suggestions and ideas at work to the appropriate source
  • Self-employed? Take time with your customers today
  • Smile!
  • Creative employment? It's a day to shine with it. What new artistic angle can you bring to your business?
  • Though the 4 is more methodical, do something around the house that makes you happy
  • Be creative on a DIY project around the home
  • Study with a partner (if you're in school)
  • Starting a business? ADVERTISE!
  • Yard Sale Today? ADVERTISE! (Even if you just create a sign on the side of the road)
  • Create a new resume

This morning a Facebook message came across that stated, "I've never felt so alone." 7 billion people on the planet, yet we have isolated ourselves into speaking single sentences on social networks, with little to no real communication in return. Today, speak to each other. Grab a phone. Get on Skype. Email. The 3 loves communication!