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"Git 'Er Done!" Your Numerology Vibrations for April 28, 2013


MI-MI-MI...It's all about meeeeee!

Yes it is. And it should be. 

It's not that we'll get totally selfish -- we have a mission. And as long as that mission is for our (1) highest and best good (11), it'll fit right in this day.

If you're looking for a day of togetherness and sharing, this isn't it. So, don't take it personally if everyone is concentrating more on their goals and projects than on you. It's ok...


  • You may have started a project over the past three days, keep it up!
  • Perhaps you seriously considered accomplishing a goal since Friday, this is a serious "start it!" day
  • Make sure what you go after is for your Highest and Best Good - is it? If you're not sure, rethink it this morning and come to a decision by the afternoon. Take a step towards it.
  • Don't procrastinate on those thoughts that pop in your head and say, "Do it now", "You need to [fill in the blank]."
  • Take charge of a situation that needs to be resolved (but not in the capacity of a dictator). The job of those 1s is "HOW to lead"
  • Be persistent
  • Be assertive when you need to be
  • Keep a check on aggression
  • Prioritize - give an amount of time to each project you need to accomplish
  • Organize

It's truly is a day of "Git 'Er Done!"