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LIVE! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 14, 2013


This is a combo that always gets my attention and provides for a quiet moment...contemplating.

5 - change, movement, spontaneity

6 - the family, nurturing, design, domesticity

When these two come together, it can be like a "Come As You Are" party with giddiness, or silliness or there can the feel of wanting real change within your "family" structure. (Family can also include those people you view as family). 

If your family unit is not strong, it can bring thoughts of "why me?", "this needs to change", even to the point of "I want out." Whether you act on it will be up to you.


  • Focus on reality. Spend little time on "what if", unless you have truly decided on a change of lifestyle
  • Take an adventure with the family
  • Engage in sports
  • Travel with friends/family
  • 5 doesn't like boredom; think outside the box 
  • Get out an interactive board game if you can't get outside
  • Change a room or two around
  • Redesign your favorite room
  • Cook something really different for supper
  • If you're a designer/artist, draw that design that you've secretly always wanted to do!

Don't be bored! Open up the doors (weather permitting). Open the curtains & blinds. Let in the sun. Get outside (if you can). Move about and LIVE!