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Shake it up! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 5, 2013


"Shake it all night"

Today's vibration reminds me of this song. We certainly do NOT want to be bored and so we're all looking for something a little different to do. None of the numbers above are particularly work driven like the 1 and 8, so even though we still may hold onto our work ethic, we're looking to have a little more fun and laughter added to the mix. I would say that this is a good one for a Friday.


  • Take goodies into the office and share
  • Revamp your schedule (if you can) and don't do the same ol' thing
  • Change your office or house about - create more room within a room
  • It's time to break out those new paint swatches and begin the painting - haven't decided on it yet? Choose something different! Break out of the ordinary.
  • Cook something different tonight
  • Make it a family night, but not a "sit around" one. Either get out of the house or participate in an activity  the 5 wants movement
  • Have a small impromptu or "come as you are" dessert gathering or supper
  • Move - literally - move to a new place to live
  • Tear up the "junk room" and make it into a sewing/guest/exercise/whatever room
  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Dance
  • If you're a designer, create something totally different from what you typically do
  • Garden? Try something new - raised beds or container growing

And on that note...