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Throw It Out! Your Numerology vibrations for April 26, 2013


The last 8/9 challenge for awhile! We're given another opportunity to stop/quit/rearrange 

  • our jobs, 
  • career choices, 
  • bad health choices, 
  • habits we'd like or should shed or even.....

our wardrobes! Oh Yes....let's talk about that one, shall we?

Did you know that 8 loves looking HOT!? 

Of course. It isn't a time of crazy dressing, as 8 doesn't want to look like (shall we admit) someone who will qualify for the online Wal-mart crowd photos! NOOOOOOO!


  • What doesn't fit nicely?
  • Does it make you happy wearing it?
  • Does it brighten you up colorwise? Or is it Swamp Green, Sewer Brown, or a truly unidentifiable color that drains you of life? Get rid of it. Choose rich COLOR! If you don't know if it looks good, grab a person in the store and ask
  • Have you worn it in the last 5 years? Do you really think you're going to?
  • Does it have sleeves you've literally cut off with a pair of scissors (along with snags, holes, etc.)?
  • Would it qualify for the Wal-Mart Photos? (For those who don't know what that is, google People of Wal-mart - it's frightening)
  • When you wear it, do you have to cover up with a coat to run outside for 30 seconds because you're afraid anyone will see?

GET RID OF IT! You don't have to shop at Neiman -Marcus or Gucci to replace these items. You don't have to replace the entire collection all in 1 - 3 months. There is a Universal belief that if you make room by shedding that which you don't want, you will have "room" to bring in new things. Give it a whirl!