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A Gift? You're Joking! A Maturity Number of 7

Maturity Numbers are gifts from the Universe - 2nd jobs in life. We don't have to work for them. They just "are". They also do not appear until approximately 50-55 years of age and suddenly we start incorporating them into our lives. At 20, we may not care what that number is, but it's still wise to find out where we are headed. After all, that number will one day gravitate or push away from the numbers that surround us. To find your Maturity Number, add your Life Path Number and your Destiny Number together, reducing to a single digit unless it is 11, 22, or 33.

The Maturity Number of 7 is the one number that may not appear as a gift, depending on how one interacts with their families. It will be their choice how it is integrated into their lives, but it is one that can affect that entire household.

Yes, it can be a gift, but first of all, if you have a Maturity Number of 7, it is very important that you understand part of the 7 Life Path first. And I will try to summarize it in a small paragraph.

The 7 is the loner of Numerology, choosing seclusion many times over socialization. In that seclusion, they are the Spiritual Seeker - Researcher, choosing to study and asking ourselves the big questions:

"Why Am I Here? What's my purpose in life? Where Am I Going? I just know there is an answer out there! I know it is written in stone - now where is that rock??!!" 

It can drive the 7 nuts to the point of occupying our very existence and all our time. Once answered (and we have to find the answer), we don't have that obsessive feeling any longer. But so many are stuck in the obsession.

The Maturity Number of 7 asks the recipient to find spirituality in their lives, to find peace within the answer they seek, to find solace in nature, and to not drown their stress in addictions.

Sounds very much like a hermit or monk, doesn't it? No - you do not have to climb the mountains in Tibet, though there will be some who will. There will be others who will go on a holy pilgrimage, either physically or mentally. And they will question their very existence. This drive can split families apart, yet the Maturity Number 7 HAS to answer these questions.

As one who has multiple 7s in their Numerical Blueprint, the answer for the 7 still searching is that there is not just one answer. The 7 is here to "have faith" - pure and simple. Sounds easy? No - you'll be tested many times through life. Can you get to the end of your life and still have faith (the belief of things unseen)? And even with that answer, I know that each individual will go on a spiritual journey of their own. 

It will become very important that if you have a family or relationship, that you BALANCE your time of research and time spent with them. It will become important not to obsess by taking more time to walk in nature (even around your own yard). And to understand that your search is not necessarily theirs. They are not going to walk this journey with you. They may not care what you're learning, even though you see an enormous light in it.

The 7 is the loner. You will walk this search alone. You won't necessarily be alone in your home, but they will not always be supportive of this search that can become obsessive.

The Maturity Number of 7 - find the spirituality that brings solace to your life. It can be a blessing and healing to the latter part of your life, but you must bring BALANCE along for the walk.