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All The Universe Is Conspiring...Your Numerology Vibrations for May 26, 2013


The last time this vibration occurred, "forcefulness" was rampant - at least in the United States. Both the 8 and the 1 would make great military officers but not in the same room. Someone will have to take a back seat and each is looking at the other believing that is the number that will have to back down. 

Combined with the 4 who always believes it's right, could be an interesting day.

However, under this partial eclipse that is supposed to be headed our way on the east coast in about 1 hour (before 9am), this would truly be a fantastic combination for manifesting what you want. Go for the gusto!

Create it in your mind, feel it in your heart and then go about your day knowing, "...when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." (The Alchemist, Coelho) 

The only thing you have to remember is that if what you want involves a specific person, you may not have control over that. After all, they are creating their life as well. You wouldn't want someone manipulating your life to their benefit. (There's that 8/1 tug-a-pull). If what you want is a relationship, avoid putting a face on it. You just might be more pleasantly surprised!


  • What are you FEELING? That's what you are creating for yourself. Conspire to FEEL what you truly want
  • Don't linger on your thoughts, particularly the "Yeah but, she/he..." type thoughts. That's what you're creating for yourself
  • Have a goal or fun project in mind? Pursue it
  • Plant your vegetable garden (8 likes to be healthy; 1 can be the number of the farmer)
  • Complete DIY projects
  • Think before speaking (we're all wanting to be the General today)
  • Wrap up a project that needs to be completed
  • Make an important decision (you have the two decision makers hand in hand today)

Today, I leave you with this website. Choose the ones that your soul understands; let the other ones pass by.