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All You Need Is Love. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 11, 2013


It's easy...all you  need is love.

It's that wonderful vibration again. Nothing says Love & Home like the 2/4 vibration. Yes, I know it's an 11, but the 11 is just the 2 with added flare from the Divine. The 11 says "Is it for the highest and best good of the Universe, you, and all that are included?" 

You don't have to have a significant other, spouse, family, etc., to instill love in your home. What do YOU love? It's also a 4 vibration today which says, "Build a nest." Look through your possessions and surround yourself with things YOU love. What makes you smile? Surround yourself with your favorite colors and get rid of the drab.


  • Trust your gut feelings (intuition) today for relationships AND business - the 11 is going to ask, "Is it for your Highest and Best Good?"
  • Manifest a family into your life (don't know how? Here's one way: )
  • Spice up the relationships you have (family, business) - make the effort. If they don't want it, give it to yourself
  • Compliment your family members or business associates
  • Is your source of stability (job) to your highest and best good? Are you looking for something else? Seek out something you LOVE today
  • Take a moment of silence today with your favorite cup of tea/coffee/beverage to listen to the silence and FEEL love - be love. It's ok to give love to yourself.
  • Acknowledge and then leave the negativity behind today. Start with just one day
  • What household thing do you love? Gardening, decorating, cleaning, baking, etc.? Practice some of it today. Give something of LOVE to your home and surroundings.
  • If you see a stranger who doesn't have a smile, give them one of yours (you never know what someone else is struggling through. That smile may be the only good thing they experience this week/month)

Love - Positivity - Caring For Yourself - Caring for Others - Love