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Color Me....Hmmmm! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 6, 2013


A little business - a little pleasure. It's a well-rounded day. It's one of those vibrations whereby we love - we work. And if we're in the "working" mode, it's not about number crunching.

6 brings us what we need, but not an overabundance of income. It is, however, time to take care of your customer or employee more. Take time to talk a bit, share stories, and give the "customer what they need." Make each other feel welcome. 


  • Take a little more time with your coworkers and/or customers. Spend a few minutes in positive personal interaction
  • Turn on the coffee pot and offer your customers a treat this morning. Take a treat to the office to share (doesn't have to be sugar)
  • Spend a little money on domestic decorations. If it's something you can use (and not just look at), all the better
  • Buy paint to enhance a room
  • Take care of a health issue, either through Western Medicine or Alternative Medicine. Begin today.
  • Start a vitamin regiment
  • Reassess your wardrobe - you don't have to shed it but we all change color/hue with age. Do those items still look good on you? Start deserve to look good
  • Bring out the color today! Wear something that makes you look sharp and vibrant
  • Bring color within your home with flowers or items from nature

It's not a wild and crazy Monday - just one whereby we take care of each other and ourselves.