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Creating "Family" - A Destiny Number of 6

Your Destiny Number is taken by the addition of your original name as it appears on your birth certificate (first, middle, last). If your name changed on your birth certificate, what was the original one? You are also not the sum of one number but for these writings, we look at it that way.

If you have a Destiny Number of 6, you are here to learn to take charge, learn how to delegate, trust your 6th sense, create a family environment for your life and bring warmth to others.

For some, the take charge situation sounds easy enough. And for the intuitive numbers (2, 7, and 11), trusting our 6th sense is part of our make-up. But remember, Destiny Numbers are not always our Life Paths. These ideas may feel absolutely foreign. The Universe will place you in situations so that you can learn to accomplish these gifts and skills.

And how about bringing "warmth" to others? No, we're not turning the furnace up in the house. And to give warmth and nurturing,we will have to learn this trait if it's not part of our nature. And guess who we have to start with? Yes...ourselves. In many respects, that could be the most difficult task of all.

If you have a 6 Destiny Number, family will become exceptionally important. No matter how independent we are, there will always be this gnawing feeling in the background for family. Believe me when I say, this can take a lifetime for some Life Paths to create. But there is no time frame on accomplishing our destinies. We will, however, find ourselves constantly setting up scenarios to aim ourselves towards it. 

For many, family includes those people who we are biologically connected to. If you are a 6 Destiny Number and have no biological family, you will not only have to define "family" for yourself, but may travel a long journey incorporating this into your life.

We find 6s in the world of design, caregiving, service professions, counseling, the medical profession, teaching, the ministry, hotel management, animal caregiving, and any place where nurturing of some type is involved. And as we grow older, we may find ourselves leaving one type of profession behind and gravitating more towards these jobs in order to boost ourselves towards our Destiny goal.

If the majority of the numbers in your numerical blueprint are independent vibrations, be prepared to discover the softness of your heart. One day, it will be treasure to yourself and others.


  1. I love this Cheryl! I just found my birth certificate going through my mom's things when my parents died. I had been told my middle name was blank. It wasn't - it says NONE, I guess for no middle name. That has changed my destiny number from a 3 (which was a challenge for my 7 life path number) to a 6 which is still a challenge number but just FEELS so right. Although, trusting my 6th sense is proving to be quite the challenge!

  2. That's right. You would take that NONE as part of the name and it's amazing what it will bring to you. Mine is also a 6 Destiny with my 7 Life Path. What I am wondering for you, however, was that 6 a 33 first?


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