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Do You Want The Healing? A Maturity Number of 9

Maturity Numbers are gifts from the Universe - 2nd jobs in life. We don't have to work for them. They just "are". They also do not appear until approximately 50-55 years of age and suddenly we start incorporating them into our lives. At 20, we may not care what that number is, but it's still wise to find out where we are headed. After all, that number will one day gravitate or push away from the numbers that surround us. To find your Maturity Number, add your Life Path Number and your Destiny Number together, reducing to a single digit unless it is 11, 22, or 33.

The Maturity Number of 9 does not "bring" as much as it "asks" us to receive a gift. It asks us to be an example, an inspiration to those around us, to uplift others with our wisdom. It also asks us to finally put into perspective family pain and issues or childhood trauma that we have endured.

The first portion will only come through living and lessons. We first need to realize that our lives ARE a lesson book worthy of being shared. "No one wants to know that stuff." Yes, they do! The second part of that gift will be to provide it in an uplifting manner - with compassion. Browbeating "what you should do" never works for anyone.

9 is the counselor, the therapist, the healer. It's time, Healer. The second half of your life is about your ability to listen, speak, and share. How would you like wisdom presented to you? This is your guideline for presenting it to others. You may never be paid for it, but money for your thoughts is not the gift.

And let's address that last part. Rarely does anyone with 9s in strong categories come into this life without enduring family situations that are a source of trauma. That trauma, or pain, does not have to be measured on a social scale of 1 - 9. It was a source of pain to the individual who lived it and something that the 9 may have found incredibly difficult to put in perspective. 

The gift? There is Universal compassion being offered to you. It will not force itself into your life, mind, or heart. It will not just change your feelings upon waking one morning. Do you want it? Do you want the Universe's gift? That's what will be asked of you. You may have to accept the gift several times, but it's there for you, if you choose. 

And through listening and guiding others, you may find the gift of placing situations into perspective. They go hand in hand. 

The Maturity Number of 9 - the Healer and the ability to receive healing.