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Don't Eat That! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 15, 2013


The 6/8 combo has returned for us but it's not always about finances. Sometimes it's about nurturing (6) our own health (8) and those we live with (family, children). 

We've been wanting to change our eating habits, but just haven't taken the time to research it or begin. After all, people don't typically like change when it comes to eating patterns. We immediately focus on what we have to "give up" and we visualize all our favorites items. 

But that's not the case. We can introduce healthy items into our existing diet, without a lot of change. Change will come naturally as we pursue a healthier lifestyle.


  • Begin taking vitamins. If you have particular health needs, look online and note various vitamin suggestions for helping those needs. Don't get caught up in "but you have to take this, this, this, this." Some individuals turn "taking vitamins" into an algebra course
  • Begin a walking program. The easiest of all exercise, it has great benefits. Keep it up and on schedule
  • If you're unable to walk, exercise programs are designed for those folks who are chair-bound - don't give up
  • Sign up for an exercise program with others or organize one with your friends. There's nothing like group support and don't give up, even though they may. There are other people who would enjoy your company and support
  • Check out something as simple as "oil pulling". Again, don't make it into an algebra course, as some would have you believe. (I do it each morning while writing)
  • Put a table top fountain in a busy part of your house and use it, thereby bring calm to your physical/spiritual side
  • Visit an alternative medicine practitioner (i.e. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc.) or make an appointment
  • There is wisdom in the practices of our ancestors - research them today (Old Folk Wisdom, check out a book named "Return To Eden", etc.)
  • If your great-grandparents are still alive and you can talk to them, ask them what they did in a particular situation. Or ask a friend's great-grandparents what they did. Don't believe that they didn't experience many of the same things you have. Just because a generation doesn't talk about it, doesn't mean it didn't happen

Choose something that you feel would bring more calm and health to your body, soul, and/or spirit and begin implementing If there is something you need to purchase first, go shopping. 

If finances are not possible at this time, how can you attain it without the item you believe you need to have? Remember, there was a day that people didn't have a local store to visit in order to accomplish what they wanted. They had just as much stress and dis-ease as we do, but they solved it in a different manner. They had to use what they had and/or use their imagination.

And another thought, if your great-grandparents suggest a practice that you immediately think, "That's not healthy! You can't do that!"...STOP! Who is still standing in front of you after all these years? You may not like what you hear, but don't dismiss it entirely.