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FEEL What You Want. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 17, 2013


Push it! That's right. It's FOCUS and drive once again.

Looking at the 8/4, it's not going to be unusual that we're going to wrap it up in what we do for a living. OR, if we're not happy with our present job or financial status, we're looking at how to improve what we already have.

For some, it will become "what do I want to do when I grow up?" "What can I do better with what I am doing?"  Have something in mind? Know what you wish to accomplish? Then FEEL. That's right!

I'm going to change my writing today. As opposed to giving you a list of things that center on this vibration, I offer you the concept of changing our focus and accomplish through FEELINGS

Our heart is far more powerful than our thoughts.

Look at what your mind can create in our life when you think of all types of visualization. Know - KNOW that what your mind can conjure up in your life, your HEART can amplify even more. Feelings change your life at a far more rapid rate. Here's an example. Have you ever wanted something and you kept trying to talk yourself into it while your insides kept saying, "That will never happen"? Didn't happen, did it?

TODAY - one assignment. Take one of the things you'd like to have. Sit for a few moments and FEEL what that would be like to have in your life. A relationship? How does it feel having coffee with them? You don't have to put a face on them. All you have to do is close your eyes and IMAGINE what it would FEEL like.

When we were children, we had no problem with this. We were pirates, parents, teachers, superheros, presidents, prime ministers, policeman...the list was endless in our pretend play. TAKE IT BACK! Yes. Get back to those days and FEEL the possibilities but STOP the mind when it says, "BUT...." Tell the mind to hush up and FEEL. If you'd like, after the experience thank the Universe.

If you are like the typical 8 or 1, you may want to know more about this ability to manifest your dreams rapidly. And I offer you an interview below. Today, 8 and 1 - the POWER to focus upon what we wish to manifest.