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Go Placidly Amid The Noise & Haste - Your Numerology Vibrations for May 7, 2013


Placed in the same room, the 7 and 9 ultimately have a challenging aspect to each other. They both know where they wish to be headed, and aren't always willing to compromise.

But what they can both agree upon is the wisdom they bring to themselves through silence. Spirituality meets old wisdom/old soul energy.


  • Talk less; listen more
  • Research topics centered on self-help, counseling, alternative medicine
  • Meditate for answers to questions, discovering Guides, asking for assistance
  • Walk softly
  • Bring something in from nature to reduce stress
  • Purchase a table top fountain for Mind, Body, & Spirit health (avoid the noisy ones)
  • Share and allow others their opinions
  • Clean out items you don't need (though you might be doing that project alone)
  • Write (non-fiction, spiritual, and self-help topics)
  • Paint (therapeutic hues appreciated)
  • Trust your instincts and gut feelings on the questions you ask
  • Allow yourself to enjoy quiet time. If that involves a cup of coffee/tea, appreciate every second of it
  • Appreciate
  • Be grateful

Strive for peacefulness in your life. It's not a day for wild and crazy (that's coming later).