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I Intend to be Blessed Today. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 16, 2013


7 & 9 - Challenges only because the 7 chooses more of an inward search and the 9 wishes to heal those around them. One thing they do share is their communication with the Universe - the Divine. The Spiritual Seeker meets Old Wisdom - the Old Soul.

It doesn't matter that it's still the work week. You can take a few minutes - just a few minutes on your front or back porch and breathe. Look at the sky. Look at the colors. Look at your yard. Breathe. Look back at the sky and say "Thank You. I intend to be blessed today." That's all it takes if you're on a quick schedule. And it doesn't matter if your neighbors see you talking to no one - it'll give them something to talk about.


  • Thank the Universe and tell it "I intend to be blessed today!"
  • Make a list of intentions you wish to obtain
  • Meditate for answers to questions, discovering Guides, asking for assistance
  • Clean out items you don't need (though you might be doing that project alone)
  • Write (non-fiction, spiritual, and self-help topics)
  • Paint (therapeutic hues appreciated)
  • Trust your instincts and gut feelings on the questions you ask
  • Allow yourself to enjoy quiet time. If that involves a cup of coffee/tea, appreciate every second of it
  • Appreciate
  • Find something to be grateful for - name one thing - just one
  • Listen to the song below as a form of connection...