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It's Easier With Others! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 1, 2013


Today, we're all flipping over a new page and bringing in a different vibration for our personal months (something different for each person). But in the meantime, the day to day vibration is still shared by all.

We've had a lot of opportunity in April to push it forward and solve problems, go after goals, and fulfill wishes. Today is no different for this first day of May. 

Perhaps it's seemed as if there has not been a lot of opportunity for close relationships and people have appeared distant. Not to worry - May will break that cycle, starting tomorrow.

But today? Communication and creativity meets goal accomplishment!


  • Another opportunity to let people know what you want to accomplish. We tend to fulfill our hopes when others lend a hand.
  • Network - network with your business/career friends
  • Start or join a networking group. Meet once a week or twice a month to help each other progress forward (doesn't have to be all about business. Could be life coaching, etc.)
  • Apply for a job
  • Revamp your resume, if you don't like the old one
  • Paint
  • Write
  • Take photos
  • Design
  • Do take a conversation break with another or others (just a break)
  • Find time to play (3s like that)
  • Discover fun in everything you do (even if it's the thoughr of just finishing a project and moving on)

Tomorrow, we're heading for relationships, but today we're wrapping up a bit of business. Go for it!