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My Philosophy of Life Isn't Working Anymore. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 14, 2013


Boredom need not apply today. We're going to be adamant about that. But there's also another side to this combo. The change of 5 combines with the 7 - the spiritual seeker.

YIKES! Are we not happy with the spiritual/philosophical path we've been on? Is it not offering us what we need on a soul level? Not unusual. And combos like the 5/7 ask us to start reading/listening/seeking another walk to investigate. Though we may always hold onto our spirituality, like organized religions, there are many to choose from and avenues to investigate. I believe the Universe does not intend for us to be stagnant with one mindset for our entire lives. "Holy Books Abound" out there with an incredible amount of information to learn. Some, we may even incorporate into our lives.


  • Scan a few YouTube videos of other teachers on spiritual themes. Or do you have a book on your shelves collecting dust that you've considered investigating? This is a good time to pick it up.
  • It can also be a great story day. Have one ready to tell or listen to others
  • Turn off the tv and search online for positive, uplifting video messages
  • If you practice meditation and it's not working, change the way you meditate or change the time. Investigate other methods.
  • Bring a piece of nature into your surroundings, particularly if you never have before (rock, water, earth, wood, etc.)
  • Have a friend or family member that enjoys deep philosophical discussions? Today's a good day to give them a call!
  • Make plans for an upcoming workshop, especially if it has to do with spirituality, philosophy, or research of any type
  • Learn a new way of doing most anything today - investigate it online. 

Though a natural vibration to each other, how the 5 and 7 go forward in the world can sometimes be at odds. Don't be surprised if you want a lot of socialization and seclusion all at the same time.