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Our Highest & Best Good. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 22, 2013


When the master numbers appear, our first statement should include the phrase Highest and Best Good for ourselves

Do your decisions for yourself include the Highest and Best Good? If we're honest, not always. We choose on impulse. We choose on feelings sometimes and not all our feelings are terribly intuitive. We self-sacrifice because it seems easier. 

The 9 and 6 resonate around nurturing and humanitarianism for each other and ourselves. It speaks of caring and the main topic will focus around family, community, and home. And with the 22, comes teaching what we've learned. Did you know that sometimes we are also our own student? That's right.


  • Sit down and realize that you play both roles - teacher and student. What can you teach yourself from your past experiences when it comes to caring, sharing, family, community, and your home? What would you change? What would you improve? Make it realistic with what is available. Don't entertain the unrealistic (i.e. bringing a person back into your life that has now moved on or passed on)
  • Realize that what is to come for you is BETTER (and that's the truth)
  • Have a little fun today redecorating a room, a corner, your dresser, etc.
  • Change out colors to something soothing, warm, or just plain fun
  • Bake
  • Clean house (if that feels overwhelming, do one room - the one you spend the most time in)
  • Pick up your things
  • Do laundry (it's the easiest of all household chores)
  • Listen
  • Share wisdom
  • If you're wanting a family, let the Universe know today. Visualize what it looks like and then FEEL what it would feel like (our emotions bring to us more than our imaginations)

In Numerology, this is a lovely vibration for our Highest and Best Good. What's yours?