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Play HARD! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 19, 2013


We visited this vibration on the 1st and also on the 10th. But I like to visit a variety of possibilities so what else can this vibration bring us? 

PLAYING HARD! It reminds me of my Dad. He worked hard and played hard. There was no dilly-dally sort of behavior about anything he did. And with the 1 of leadership and determination joining forces with the 3 of communication, laughter, playfulness, and creativity, we could really be pushing this attribute. 


  • Weather permitting, get outside with the basketball, tennis ball, soft ball, and have a good game!
  • If it's raining, get out the board games or jig-saw puzzles
  • Bring interesting finger-food snacks to the mix
  • Write
  • Paint
  • Color
  • Sing as if no one is listening
  • Dance as if no one is watching
  • Laugh
  • Keep the DVDs to comedies and fun! If you wouldn't want to live through the subject, don't watch it
  • If you have to mow the lawn, mow it in circles or squares - have fun with your chores
  • Don't just watch others play; GET INVOLVED

While playing today, watch your words. Lean towards playfulness and less towards dominance.