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Practice Compassion. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 21, 2013


What happens when the party vibration of 3/5 meet and it appears that people around you are going through weather devastation (as those in the US with the recent tornadoes), or bombings/war as in the Middle East? Perhaps you have personal family that's just having a difficult time right now. Doesn't appear as a time for partying, does it?

There are several vibrations to each number of Numerology, both good and not so good. Let's look at the calmer side of each number.

The 3 is also the number of the child, though we may not have children of our own. Innocence, simplicity. It can also be prophetic (3 was used extensively in the Bible).

The 5, for all it's craziness, spontaneity, and drama, can be the most compassionate of the 12 numbers. It doesn't care who you are. It will sit in a fine luxury room or on a sidewalk curb with you. It just wants to hear your story.


  • If you're in the mood to party, rock on!
  • Extend compassion for anyone and everyone around you
  • Extend blessings and kindness to a child - they do not have the life experiences you do. They are not little adults in disguise. They do not have the ability to put difficult situations into perspective
  • Meditate (3)
  • Practice sending positive energy to the planet and each other
  • Smile at each other
  • Give
  • Share a happy story when you can
  • Today - hug your family or those who are dear to you