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Push It To The Limit. The Master 11, 22, & 33 Destiny

Your Destiny Number is taken by the addition of your original name as it appears on your birth certificate (first, middle, last). If your name changed on your birth certificate, what was the original one? You are also not the sum of one number but for these writings, we look at it that way.

If you have a Destiny Number of 11, 22, or 33, you have the destiny of a Master and I will address each one separately below. But before I do, I would like to relay the following belief.

There is the belief that before we are born on Earth, we all attend a celestial meeting with our Guides and arrange the reason for our incarnation. We choose the challenges, players, lessons, (and hopefully good times) that will have to be addressed to progress in our spiritual evolution. If we subscribe to this belief, it is only with Earthly time that we realize that we attended this meeting drunk, high, or both. We certainly must have felt invincible!

Though any Destiny Number can feel this way, it is well for the Master Destiny Number to remember this little bit of humor as they progress in their evolutionary journey. Many of us have book learning skills, we attended classes, or we learned from others' experience the topics we teach. Not so the Master Numbers. They will first walk in the shoes of those people they are to inspire. They will teach from first hand experience.

The Master Number's challenges have a two-fold lesson to them as well. They are not only required to experience situations, but then find their paths to healing, put their pain into perspective, and then discover how they can inspire others to carry forth in the same circumstance. It's a lifetime classroom.

11 - The Master Visionary enlightens those around them, encourages and brings higher consciousness to others through example, and sees the higher good in the big picture. Highly intuitive, they have all the abilities of the Destiny 2 yet theirs is to take it another step further. There is not just one occupation that you'll find the 11 in. They are everywhere because we all need to be inspired. Theirs is a spiritual journey of its own before they can adequately share from their experience.

22 - The Master Teacher is here to not only experience the Destiny of 4, and the vision of the 11, but take it to greater heights. We find them on stage, on radio, workshops, and in front of as many people as possible. People gravitate to them and much is expected of their ability to share life's lessons. To be a Master Teacher, one had to be a master student first. Our best teachers in life truly lived the stories/advice they tell. Though this may seem simplified, the life of a 22 is rarely simple.The Universe will eventually place them in a lifestyle whereby their services are required.

33 - The Master Healer. When we think of a Healer, we typically envision alternative medicine, Reiki, Eastern Medical Arts, a Reader, an Intuitive, doctors, nurses, etc. But healing comes in many shapes and forms. After all, military officers, lawyers, teachers, mechanics, and engineers can have the Destiny Number of 33.

In a day of bullying, a military officer with a 33 destiny who takes his training and teaches a child how to fight with his mind while building up his self-esteem could be considered a healer. A lawyer with a 33 destiny who offers 15 hours a week of his expertise pro bono (free) and helps men/women/children out of specific horrendous living situations could be considered a healer to those s(he) helped.

It will be part of the 33's job to figure out where their healing ability lies. But most often, they will gravitate to working with the dis-ease they have experienced first hand themselves. They understand the steps, the emotions, the pain, or the loss. They may have walked it a short distance, or most of their lives but if they choose to fulfill their destinies, they will share their nurturing, huge heart in order that others may benefit.

As with all Destiny Numbers, the Masters also have free will. We all have the choice of fulfilling our destinies, or to go kicking and screaming to the grave unwilling to do so. It's our choice.

The Master Numbers and first hand experience - they go hand in hand. Through multiple incarnations, they volunteered to take on assignments that pushes their gifts to the limits.