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Spoil Yourself! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 4, 2013


A lovely combo for a Saturday! If you are one of many who have the weekends free, this is a great vibrations for home, family, domestic pursuits, and concentrating on making your home into your castle! You don't have to have people around you in order to enjoy this pursuit so for those who are solitary, go for it as well!


  • If you have family, make it a family day. Arrange for a family outing or project
  • If you would like to be part of a family, let your intentions be known to the Universe and GET OUT THERE AMONG OTHERS. Go to the park, the theatre, the mall, a sporting event, places where people gather.
  • Redecorate your home, no matter how simple. Bring color in
  • Redesign the color scheme in your home
  • Paint a room
  • Pick out paint color swatches today
  • Bake
  • Clean
  • Nurture yourself and others
  • Sew
  • Plant a garden (flowers, veggies, trees) or transplant those need to be moved
  • Purchase seeds

The possibilities are endless today. It's about your home life - Spoil yourself!