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The Person In The Mirror. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 28, 2013


This is the last of this vibration for awhile, so we are allowed one more opportunity to take advantage of it. It doesn't mean that we can not practice it's benefits, but today is a good time to begin it's positive vibration.

1 is an independent number and therefore we look at the self. 3 is about communication and creativity. As a simple practice, grab a piece of paper and pen and write down your thoughts as they pass in and out of your mind. There could be 1,000s, but just hit and miss on the important ones - the ones that truly create feeling. At the end of the day, read what is being created for you. What type of life are you manifesting?


  • Write down the thoughts that create feeling within you. Do you wish to change it? You'll have a lot of time to do that tomorrow. Today, write down what you wish to manifest for yourself beginning today & tomorrow
  • What are the positives that you desire for yourself? Announce it out loud to the Universe today. Present it as something you already have, "I have ________", "I work at _________", "I am living _________". 
  • Work on a creative project, no matter how simple
  • Laugh
  • Take time to play for a bit
  • Paint
  • Write or seek out a good story
  • Have coffee (or break time) with a friend - even if it's over the phone
  • Call or email someone you haven't talked to for awhile
  • Start a project you've always wanted to do
  • Change your resume if you feel it needs a facelift
  • Change your business cards and/or brochures
  • Make an important decision for yourself
  • This is a good day to talk with employees or co-workers - keep it lighthearted but accomplish your goals

Our dialogues today do not only have to be with others, but ourselves as well. Spread the happiness you would with a friend to the person in the mirror.