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Why Am I Here? A Destiny Number of 7

Your Destiny Number is taken by the addition of your original name as it appears on your birth certificate (first, middle, last). If your name changed on your birth certificate, what was the original one? You are also not the sum of one number but for these writings, we look at it that way.

If you have a Destiny Number of 7, you are here to learn to discover and integrate a spiritual belief system into your life that brings you peace, and find solace in nature.

Sounds simple perhaps...not for some.

As someone with multiple 7s, I've never known anything else and even then, it's the "brings you peace" segment that can be the challenge. Just "going to church" isn't going to cut it. It's not about going to church, if you are so inclined.

7 will require that you ask the big questions of yourself. "Why am I here?" "What's my destiny in this life?" "What was the purpose of all this?" "I just know there's ONE answer and it's etched in stone somewhere - now, where the HECK IS IT???!!! Dang It! Where's that rock???

And believe me when I say that for anyone with a Life Path, Destiny, or Maturity number of 7, this can just about drive you nuts. If you are in this predicament, ready for the answer? 

You are only here to have Faith. 

Faith - the belief of things unseen. 

Can you do it? Sound easy? Can you get to the end of your life and Because with this Destiny, you know the Universe will set you up to prove it. Buckle up...

7 is an analytical number so the mind is constantly going. 7 observes, and researches everything and everyone. They are the psychologists, trouble-shooters, lab technicians, ministers, and problem solvers. 

It's the loner number of Numerology so we expect time to ourselves, find stress-reduction in nature, and abhor noise|crowds. Team it with up with a 3 or 5 Life Path (the party numbers) and there is going to be a lot of tug-a-pull emotions when it comes to socialization. 

It throws an air of mystery around the person that many will find attractive, but once they discover you're just a human being, they may leave. Faith...

7 - the number of the spiritual seeker. Faith...solace...solitude...mystery. It's a ride.