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You Are Due For Some Compassion! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 18, 2013


Remember Thursday with the 7/9 combo and high intuition? Today is a lot like that day - highly intuitive but with even more compassion for each other. 

Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

And don't forget to have compassion and understanding for yourself. (We forget that many times, don't we?) Have you ever physically held your own hand like the photo above? Try it except grasp your other hand in the process. Let the compassionate side of you comfort the part of you that needs understanding. Compassion for yourself.


  • Touch someone's hand or shoulder today that needs a connection, even if it's just for a moment
  • Smile to someone who doesn't have one
  • Spend a little time looking within for answers (who have them better than anyone outside yourself)
  • Expect a miracle
  • Trust your gut feelings regarding questions you have today
  • Silently send blessings to those around you (strangers on the street, etc.)
  • Share compliments (but let them be true)
  • Send healing energy to yourself and others
  • Look in the mirror today and know that you are perfect just as you are
A few times I've been asked why I suggest having love, compassion, and healing for ourselves. Isn't that a bit selfish? Absolutely! And there is a healthy "selfishness" that we should all practice. 

If we look outside ourselves for all our needs and wants, chances are we would not attain them. Ooooo! Read that again. Think of it this way - If you needed a sincere hug today in order to be healed by the end of the day (something as simple as a hug), would you be healed today? Some of you would, but there are many people out there that know that they would not. I can guarantee you that I would not. Does it mean we give up and stop living? NO! 

We look within and realize that the best giver of love, compassion, and healing is within ourselves. And then, we can also share it with others.