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Are You In A Wal-Mart Photo? Your Numerology Vibrations for June 5, 2013


I'm Committed!
I'm Free!
Stay Focused!
But There's So Many Choices!
Sit Down!
I Gotta Go!

If the 5 and 8 were two different people in business, they really could be dynamite - IF, they allow each other their strengths. 8 would be best in the office constructing the business plan, analyzing the Profit & Loss Statements and number crunching. 5 is excellent out front, bringing in the customers, and chit-chatting them into a great sale. 

But typically, they don't always work well within the same person, at the same time. 


  • If you're in business, give yourself time for each trait mentioned above. Don't try to do both at the same time
  • If you have a business, consider changes to those aspects that haven't been working to your satisfaction. You may be just in the research stage and that is just fine
  • Experiment with various sales techniques
  • Take more time with your customers or co-workers
  • Change a dietary/health portion in your diet
  • Add vitamins into your day (even if you only start with one, like Vitamin C)
  • Rid your surroundings of broken items. Broken items remind us of "being broken". If you feel you can not part with it, pack it up and store it away
  • If you go out purchasing today, replace a possession with one that is better. Choose those items with value and quality - they do not always have to be exceedingly expensive
  • Go through your wardrobe and rid yourself of items you wouldn't want anyone to see you in, items you know you'll never wear, or those things that do not make you look good. Having a lot of clothes that you can't do anything with doesn't mean you have a wardrobe in case "you need something". It means, you have a lot of space being taken up and that's all

From the easy to the complex, from establishment to freedom, we're all over the board today. However, we can accomplish quit a bit and happy we did!