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Get Together Now...Your Numerology Vibrations for June 24, 2013


In lieu of world situations, the 6/9 come together one last time this month to say, "Humanity First." 

For the artists, it's another creative day, but it's also a vibration that brings nurturing and humanity together. It asks us to look at people around us and say, "No matter what, isn't your fellow man more important?" Isn't it about standing by each other?

We're not advocating being used by each other but giving what is needed - not necessarily what is wanted. 

9 asks us to look in closets and drawers and clear clutter from our lives. Who can use that clutter? One man's clutter is another man's treasure. Recycle it. Listen to each other. Offer advice when asked. Extend healing when needed.

6 is the family - whatever we deem that to be. Holding someones hand. Giving a hug when needed....a smile.

Today, look around you......and being a child of the 60s, can't help but remember...