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How Much Is Enough? Your Numerology Vibrations for June 8, 2013


We need more!
No, we don't.

I want investments!
We have enough to pay the bills. Isn't that enough?

The 8 and 2 have several aspects featured when they come together, but one of them is the money factor. 8 and 2 look at income very differently! 8 wants to crunch numbers until the bitter end. 2 says, "As long as the bills are paid, I'm happy!" They just don't see eye to eye on this matter.

If you're the owner of a business, you may discover that people aren't spending as much today. But, they do want your attention when it comes to customer service and personal chit-chat. The chit-chat/customer service can, however, have them coming back for sales in the future. Take the time - it's good advertisement. 


  • Continue taking care of your health and dietary needs
  • Bring more or better color to your wardrobe or personal surroundings
  • If you're in a designing business of any type and you sell your product, advertise your items today
  • Find a store that will sell your designed items on commission
  • Take time for your customers - it'll pay off later
  • Pay a bill or purchase something of need (not want)
  • Teach a child how to open up a savings account and consider actually opening one today
  • Teach a child how to write a bank check even if they do not have an account (schools don't teach personal living skills any more)
  • Research and introduce something healthy into your diet
  • Donate to a favorite charity

Finances, health, and nurturing - it's just an odd combination, but we'll have several more of these before June is over. Take time to care for each yourself and each other.