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Love & Compassion - Your Numerology Vibrations for June 29, 2013


Yes, it's another oil/water combo but with the 11 in the mix (not just the 2), we're being asked to look at it for our highest and best good. It's asking us to not focus on the differences, but find the similarities. So, I'll attempt to do the same.

What topic can the 2/5 combo have in common (because 11 ultimately breaks to a 2) - love & compassion. You might be asking, "Is that all?" That's about it but that's a big order, isn't it? Love & compassion for yourself and others.

Compassion for oneself does not mean we take our mistakes, failures, or addictions and give ourselves permission to continue. It says, "It happened, it's over, what did I learn, and let's continue forward." Not beating oneself up continually for being human is self-compassion. It may ask, "How do I change for the better?" And begin looking for a solution.

I'm going to leave this writing on just that - show compassion today. Attempt not to judge. Attempt not to criticize and take note of just how often we do during the course of a day.  Begin with the person in the mirror.