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Pointing Fingers. Your Numerology Vibrations for June 18, 2013


We're still in the midst of the artists' month but lets take a different look at the 9/3 combo. 

9 has us reflecting on family and not always the most pleasant side of family. It asks us to look at those issues that have created separation and pain. 

These issues may have been from childhood, or just a few months ago. Either way, they stop us from proceeding forward because they are forefront on our minds. We might even think about them excessively, bringing us more pain as we dwell on it and ask, "Why me?"

3 is also about communication. We may discover that today we are given the opportunity to softly and with consideration work on these issues with another person(s). 

If there are situations whereby it would be physically or emotionally impossible to address the other party involved, we can do so through meditation with the help of our Guides and theirs. At all times, however, you are in charge and not a victim. And it doesn't have to be an hour long project. It can be accomplished in 5-10 minutes.


  • Meditate
  • Begin healing a family issue within yourself and realize you are worth it
  • Offer intentions of healing to others through kind words
  • Listen
  • Call a friend that needs encouragement. You don't have to have the answers - just be a friend
  • Keep conversations upbeat and friendly
  • Play music that is healing (the acid rock will just have to wait)
  • Turn on a tabletop fountain and listen to the water
  • Purchase a fountain or other item that promotes healing
  • Relax when possible
  • Practice some artistry and creativity of your own

Creativity, communication, and healing - it's a day of expressing yourself.