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Put It Away! Your Numerology Vibrations for June 10, 2013


1 and 4 generally do not join forces well. But today, I decided to look at it differently. What cooperative force can these two bring each other?

If you have a project or goal that you wish to accomplish, you have the best of both worlds with the 1 and 4.  1 has the motivation and drive and 4 with organize it. Where the 1 will jump more quickly, the 4 says, "Let's check it out and do it more effectively."

As this is Monday, if you're feeling rushed to accomplish 100 different things, this would be a good time to organize your week. Make it easy. Grab a piece of paper and decide where everything should be so that your stress level is not through the roof.


  • What task seems to be bearing on your mind the most? Put that on your list first or accomplish it today
  • Prioritize your week and put it on the calendar - don't procrastinate
  • Accomplish a DIY project around your house or office
  • Practice your strengths; hire your weaknesses
  • Study
  • Begin a new project at home or work
  • Clean your house (start in one room and then go to the next; go to the next)
  • Put your things away. It's amazing how much less stress you have in a well organized room.

It can be an incredibly busy vibrational day. Take advantage of a few minutes in the morning and afternoon to relax, meditate, and regroup.