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Why Oh Why Oh Why? Your Numerology Vibrations for June 4, 2013


"The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...." Actually, it won't be on the bus, it'll be in our brains. When the 4 meets 7, over-analyzing is the theme of the day. 4 and 7 can stay up all night analyzing the fall of the Roman Empire. But they love it as they are both students. For others, they'll be making mountains out of molehills. 


  • Watch your analyzing or you may wear yourself out
  • Delve into topics of learning that you'd like to know more about
  • Read
  • Work on Genealogy
  • Research something at work that you need more information about or if you have a new avenue that you'd to add to a home-based business, do a little detective work on whether it would be right for you
  • Research DIY projects for the home
  • Engage in some online study (reading Facebook is not online study)
  • If you're still in school, this is a very good day for writing a term paper or taking a test (if you studied)
  • Write and/or journal
  • Purchase a journal if you've been thinking about it
  • Meditate
  • This is a good day for those gathering information for an upcoming court case or for lawyers/solicitors working on a case

Sounds a bit isolated, doesn't it? 7 likes its time alone, so don't be surprised if people want time to themselves. Don't take it personal; tomorrow is a whole new vibration.