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Discovery Prayer - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 30, 2013


Communication combines with the Spiritual Seeker today.
We can all sit and talk to everyone else today about our belief systems and "what should be." But perhaps it's more about ourselves talking or seeking our own angels/guides to discover what there is for us.
What conversation can we have with whom we deem as God that will inspire us to be more than what we are? What path should we follow? Are we in a lull period or do we need to tweak our walk?
3 and 7 = Prayer

Go for the Gusto! Your Numerology Vibrations for July 28, 2013

I realize not everyone loves this vibration, but 1/5 works really well with me. It's that GO - GO - GO vibration that says "I can do all things...."

The downside is that it doesn't work well with relationships, if that is what one is looking for.

Cerebral in nature, we're really doing problem-solving today and not just the type that thinks about it. It's about DOING - taking action. Movement. I believe that the last time I wrote about this I explained that it's the day we really do pick it up, pack it up, move it, store it, fix it, gather it up, you name it. There's no "Well maybe..." today. It's NOW.

As this vibration lands on a Sunday, it's not always the best time if your action requires a lawyer/solicitor, a professional, or a financial advisor. They are generally not open. But you can write down what you need to do and tomorrow, place the emotions of the 2 aside and do it first thing. Don't think - just do. Don't pro…

Blessings In Disguise - Your Numerology Vibrations in July 27, 2013

Gratefulness. Selflessness. Humanitarian. Giving.
There are those that will work outside their homes today, but if you're up early (or perhaps you're a night person), it's time to take an hour or two and concentrate on YOU. Yes. YOU.
But we're talking about selflessness - doesn't that mean focusing on others?
If you do not have yourself in a good place, how can you compassionately look at others? And those who do know the fine art of compassion and selflessness often run themselves into the ground in exhaustion because they forget to take care of themselves. We're talking about a few hours (or one). You have the rest of the day for others.
Enjoy your coffee/tea hour in quiet or with a little youtube video, music. I know there are those who can not handle the thought of quiet in the room, so make it peaceful - not full of the morning news which is filled with death and destruction. Find humor and laugh. Find intelligent instruction or perhaps you may even en…

Keep It Light - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 26, 2013


The Number 8's mistress is its office. The paperwork, reports, problem-solving, even the key to the office door is a sacrament in the scheme of their career and life. These are our ulcer-folks as they grind their stomachs trying to scale the corporate ladder while balancing numbers. 

The Number 3 wants to do what they LOVE. They can be very good at their professions as long as communication (good communication) and/or creativity with others is involved. But generally, the 3 will close the office door and look forward to an evening of FUN and relaxation. They can leave it behind.

So when the two collide on a given day, responsibility can war a bit with pleasure. This is a good day for an organizer tablet. It's not all about driving ourselves into ulcers or just being free and easy. It's a time to organize balance within our day.

When I was growing up, my family always taught "Work first - then play." Of course, they meant play after 78 years of age because thei…

Two Master Numbers - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 21, 2013

We all read our horoscopes, numerology, and tarot because we want to know what we're going to GET. 

But here we are with another combo that has nothing to do with getting.

With the Master Visionary teaming up with the Master Teacher, what are you envisioning giving back to the world? It doesn't have to be monetary. It can be accomplished through donation of time. And it will take effort on your part.

"But I don't know what I can do." It can be accomplished through sitting somewhere undisturbed (or going for a walk alone), asking the Universe "Where do I go from here?" Wait for the answer. It's an incredibly intuitive day regarding all aspects of life.

Sit. Ask. Take Action.

Make a Joyful Noise - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 21, 2013

This seems appropriate for a Sunday, if you believe in observing a time for spirituality. 

7 - the Spiritual Seeker

3 - the actor, musician, artist, communicator

Seeing these two together on a Sunday morning reminds me of the verse that begins "Make a joyful noise..." 

We don't have to sing. We can play music, make music, hum, or toe-tap. But if we will take time to admit it, we all do a little singing when no one is around.

There's great therapy in music - at least positive music. Today, choose those lyrics that are edifying and not tearing down ourselves or fellow human beings. 

Words hold power. Whatever you are saying/singing, you're bringing to yourself. Choose wisely. And if the lyrics aren't quite right, just choose music without the words. 

Hum along, sing along....make a joyful noise!

But I Still Love Him - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 20, 2013

2/6 - The world centers around relationships of all kinds and love relationships seem to top the list. 

They're a challenge, they've always been a challenge, they continue to be a challenge as we struggle to have that Hollywood movie, perfect, "until death do we part", soul mate experience. 

This is a day of love yet love appears to escape so many of us. Or does it? Let's look at another side of being allowed to love. 

"But I still love him."
"But I still love her."
And we can't appear to move on.

"So? Love him/her. And every time you think of him/her, send him/her love and light and then drop it."(Richard Vogt [1947-2010], Eat, Pray, Love, 2006) Move on to the next task at hand for the day. And if you have to do it 100 times, do it 100 times but keep moving. You won't have to do it forever. 

Demanding that love return from that particular person is an act of control - not an act of love. Allow the Universe to decide how love …

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin! - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 19, 2013

When I see this combo, this is the song I hear! ROLLIN', ROLLIN', ROLLIN'.....
There is nothing about this combo that says, "I'm going to contemplate it." "I'm going to sit and visualize it." "I'm going to think some more on it."
There's no thinking to this combination. You've thought enough and the 1/5 are ACTION numbers. They KNOW what they want. They go after it. They pursue it. They take steps by picking up the phone, making the appointment, actually sitting face to face with a professional, salesperson, financial adviser, whomever, and seeking the information. 
It puts the house up for sale, paints a room, fixes a major appliance, packs the boxes and moves to another place, files for a divorce, quits the job, purchases a marriage license, takes the job...action
Simple today, folks. What do you need to take action on? You know the answer within. Take it.

The Master Teacher Within - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 18, 2013


Much will be expected of us today in the areas of selflessness to others and ourselves. Humanitarianism, counseling, listening join up with the Master Teacher who is selfless - looking at the best for others. It looks at the best for us. 

It's not a vibration of allowing abusive behavior to prevail because you don't want to say anything or stand up for yourself. Selflessness needs to be used to your discretion of what is healthy.

The combination of these three numbers also brings plenty of intuition, old wisdom, and spirituality. Look within for your answers today, as the Master Teacher is also within ourselves. What do you feel the answer is? Our selflessness can also come by stepping outside ourselves and be willing to listen to whatever answer comes our way.

Listen to others; listen for yourself. It's a day that we can glean much wisdom from the Universe and each other.

What's Your Dream? Your Numerology Vibrations for July 17, 2013

Do you know that when I suggest that the 8/3 is about having fun at work, most people will not read it? I find that interesting. I've also discovered that most people do not like their work. It's a place they feel resigned to because to go out and find something new is not something they wish to do. 

Resign...the number 8 because of its sense of responsibility has quite an ability to resign. It's not a trait that sits on the more positive aspects of that number. 

The 3, on the other hand, doesn't like that word. Like the 5, it's ready to hit the roads in the RV of change - "Where are we going now?" It's also ready to make life better by changing work and people to those who make them laugh and smile.

So today, expect a clash of the two vibrations when it comes to movement. Resignation or new territories? Where do you wish to be? 

Take this opportunity to place your intentions. But above all, choose that which you would enjoy!

Manifesting The Feeling - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 16, 2013

Intuition is running high today but so are emotions. So is isolation.

7 says, "I want to be alone. My mind is whirring as I do a bit of research and I don't want to be bothered as I work on this project."

2, on the other hand, needs the companionship of others, and has deep emotions that they'll show to the world. 7 also has deep emotions but they keep them hidden.

So what does that mean for all of us? We have a choice. We can ride it out knowing that all things pass in time. We can take conflicting energy and apply it to those things we wish to accomplish today. Or we can throw fits, rebel, scream, get the idea.

Me? I like the thought of finding the positive common denominator among two or more opposing numbers and concentrating on that when the world seems to be a crazy place. And though I wouldn't put the 7 and 2 together as a relationship couple, today intuition and trusting one's gut feeling could be a plus. The research that the 7 wishes …

WE Choose - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 14, 2013

On the 5th, I wrote about how humanitarianism and compassion come together on this vibration. Today is no different. 

However, there is another side to the 5 and 9 that can be measured on a scale of 1 to 10. 

5 - change and drama

9 - family issues

As much as we are invited to practice the arts of compassion and humanitarianism, we may throw it out the window under certain circumstances and really want to practice the opposite - particularly with family!

But none of our lives are etched in stone. There is no divination art, vibration, card formation, or planetary placement that makes us do anything. It offers us the opportunities and WE choose. 

We have the choice to stay and be ugly or the choice to say, "Let's take a break for a day and talk when we calm down", and walk out the door.

Today, walk away from confrontation and opt for compassion instead.

Waterford & Bose in a Tiny Home - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 13, 2013


Ahhhh! The second of the total business vibrations for the month (2, 4, 8, 11). For those of us who are working, this is a perfect vibration for it.

But what if we have the day off and staying at home? Does it mean we miss out? No. There are several aspects to each number.

And just because it's all about business today doesn't mean that you can't have some fun. On the 4th, I mentioned DIY beautification projects within your home, but it can also mean DIY projects outside with something as interesting as a tiny home pictured above. 

Build it, plan it, 4 is looking for examples and outlining a budget to live in it.

8 just wants you to be sure to make it as nice as possible with the budget that you can afford. 

"I may have a tiny home, but I use Waterford crystal in it." "Come see my Bose theatre system in my tiny home!" "Yes, that's Vera Wang Wedgwood Dinnerware in my tiny home!"
Gotta love those 8s to spruce things up!

A Skunk On My Porch - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 12, 2013

7 - Detective work and Problem Solving
3 - And talking about it

The dog dragged in a live skunk last night. I now have a dead skunk at the back porch and she is going to let ME figure out how to get rid of it. I told her what I thought.

The cat is kicking himself until there are tears in his eyes. But he's purring. Why is he doing that? 

Oh Lord, that skunk is smelling up the house...I bet it sprayed the house. Oh dear God. How can a dog put that thing in her mouth? I'm going to have to take the shovel and move it.

How am I going to get the smell out of this house? Maybe that's why the cat is crying. Now the cat fell off the bed...OMG, I think he's croaked. The smell is killing us all. I've got to get the shovel. What if it's still 1/2 alive? Damn.....

Detective work and got the idea.

Determined To Change - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 10, 2013

Determined to change! What's the change? That will be up to you.

However, it's not change until you take the steps - ACTION - and both the 1 and 5 know how to put their foot forward and DO IT! 

It's not a day for visualization - that was yesterday. It's not a day for "thinking about it" and coming up with a plan. That was Sunday. Like the gentleman above, it's time to grab the board and hit the water. 

Whether it's grabbing the newspaper and starting to make calls, placing an ad, typing a resume, posting your flyers on community boards, making an appointment, or a number of other ACTIONS, it's time. 

For those who desire the umph to move forward, this is a great vibration. And so often, the starting is our most challenging part. Hindsight being 20/20, it usually ends up being our easiest part. 

Action - Do it!

He's My Brother - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 9, 2013


In the combo of the 9/22, we find the most selfless combo. However, we are the ones that will have to generate the selflessness. The Universe will not make us do anything we choose not to do.

9 brings to us the opportunity to be a humanitarian. The 22 is the Master Teacher with their gifts of intuition, empathy, and selflessness. 

Today, we not only look within, we are looking around us as well. What can we offer each other? The 9 is also the therapist and counselor with great gifts of listening. It's not all about lecturing and speaking so that others change. How can the gift of listening help you in your work, and your relationships? How can reaching out to others make for a better life for you?

There will be several of these combinations this month. It's time to enjoy each and every one of them. How can we bring a deeper understanding and sense of community to each other and ourselves? How can we tap into the Universal teachings that we need to apply to our own lives? B…

Let's Have FUN At Work! Your Numerology Vibrations for July 8, 2013


Though Sunday is really the first day of the week, Monday is the typically the day we put action behind it. 

So today, we're working at our artistic craft OR we're talking at work - just a great combo for the beginning of a work week. 

And though society says Monday is not a good day for an interview, the 8/3 combo IS! Answer an ad, particularly if they're looking for you to come into the office today. If you've been left a message over the weekend to respond to a job offer, do it

Do you have a home-based business or your own store? Look forward to work today! It's an opportunity to talk to your customers and have a good time with them. If you tend to run a business that's more conservative, relax today and talk with your customers. Have a bit of fun with them. It'll make them feel more welcome and want to return for more.

Though business and finances dictate the day, the 3 says, let's have some fun with this as well!

I Am Unique - I Am a Masterpiece - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 7, 2013


I am not average - I am not ordinary - I am uniquely made. I AM!

7 speaks of psychology and a mind that sometimes runs too much. We analyze; we over-analyze. The detective in us at times, digs into areas of our psyche and tears ourselves down because of what others think, say, or do. Well....who are they?

2 describes LOVE, intuition, caring and negotiations. 

Today, we have the opportunity to combine the two. 

You are the most valuable, wondrous creation to whomever you deem as God.
You've been painted by the most prized painter in the Universe!
YOU ARE a masterpiece - say that last part everyday!

I AM a masterpiece!
If you believe you were created by God or a Universal entity, who are you to tear down his/her prized creation? If you believe you came here designed by your own accord, why are you questioning the excellence of your heavenly decision?

Remind yourself that the Universe was the creator of your body and you are wondrously made

You are valuable, no less than the trees and th…

Some for you; Some for me - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 6, 2013


It is said that the 6/1 combo is a challenging aspect, but let's take a peak at the positive side of things. When things get a bit indecisive today, you have the ability to tap into the 1 vibration that says, "YES - YOU CAN!"Do it anyway.

Lovely Vibration - the 1...unless you want a relationship. It's not a bad number. Just one that likes its independence. So what happens if "relationship" is on your mind?

Pop back over to the 6 - family and community. 

As I see it, you have the ability to have time for both today. Out comes the organizer as we are allowed to pencil in a little "me" time and time for others. It's a great balance of both worlds.

Perfect if you just want to spend project time with one other individual. 
Enjoy yourself; enjoy some togetherness

What's Going On? Your Numerology Vibrations for July 5, 2013

Compassion and Humanitarianism are coming together today in the form of the 5/9 combo. Personality-wise, they are two very different numbers, but their ability to be accepting of all life styles, etc., are superb.

Of course, it's for different reasons, but the end result is the same. 

Acceptance - Caring - Compassion.
Another thing these two share is the ability to LISTEN. They speak, but they also have the ability to listen. Seems like a good thing to round the work week up, doesn't it?

Compassion - Listening - Understanding
We will be all be given the opportunity to practice these traits today.

DIY - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 4, 2013

In the United States, it's a national holiday but that doesn't mean that we're not working. With each year, more and more businesses stay open. 

And if they haven't been open before, they're most likely considering it today with the 4/8 combo. These are the two hard-hitters of the business world. In most respects, this is a good day to be open for sales or brainstorming better techniques and strategies in the workplace.

Someone asked if every July 4th is a 4/8 combination. No. It's always a 4 day with an 11 attitude, but the new year number brings a different Life Path number. This year, it is the number 8. And I'm no different. I'm working today. 

Perhaps your workplace is not open and you don't wish to work at your daily job. What does that hold for you? 4 loves their home; 8 loves looking good. I suspect there will be a lot of "fixing up" and beautifying of homes  - no matter how small and weather permitting.

DIY projects can also be…

I'm Shutting My Door - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 3, 2013

July is offering interesting groupings this year! Natural - Compatible - Challenging in a sort of consistent wheel. Today, we have our challenging combo. 

Playful and social 3 meets mysterious, studious 7. 3 may find the 7 a bit too stodgy for its taste today but it doesn't mean that we can't have a combining of the two. (3 believes this to be true; 7 thinks not). 

It's a day to bring out the organizer and write in times for each - time for our personal pursuits and time for others. The one thing these two can agree upon is a one on one, in-depth conversation. If you have family or friends that you can enjoy that type of interaction with, you're all set.

It's a day to roll with the flow. Enjoy time for yourself and time with others. For some, you'll experience more of one than the other. There's nothing wrong with that. However, if you feel there is too much isolation, remember that the 7 is quite comfortable with this. We tend to pull away from each oth…

I Am Love - I AM Your Numerology Vibrations for July 2, 2013

Love Is In The Air. Love for ourselves - love for others. We want connection. We want togetherness. And today we have 3 numbers that integrate others into our lives. 9 can also signify soul mates - past connections we need to reconnect with. (Reconnect doesn't necessarily mean from this lifetime but from a past lifetime - someone new).

Yet so often, it eludes us in our present friendships, one-on-one relationships, and relationships that we hope to obtain. We wonder "why me?" Where is it? I keep asking and there are no results. What are we psychologically telling ourselves?

There are those who believe that we must be totally happy with our aloneness before we can obtain togetherness. If we were totally happy with our aloneness we wouldn't want togetherness. That makes no sense. 

But as a Numerologist I believe in the power of words and the vibrations they bring. For your consideration this day, I offer something very different but it's one of the best 27 minut…

How's It Working For You? Your Numerology Vibrations for July 1, 2013


July - the start of a  new month of vibrations. We were here before in July of 2004 - it's time to walk it again. What I readily saw for July, is that there doesn't appear to be any 11 Life Path days this month, but there will a number of 22s - the Master Teacher. This could be quite an interesting time - not to mention that there will be 3 opportunities for children born this month to carry that as their life path assignment.

TODAY - I'm changing myself. A cerebral day, we're going to be doing a lot of self-discovery through our thinking. We'll look busy enough on the outside, but inside our minds will be going 100mph. We're demanding change of our lives. If we're tired of the old, we'll be brainstorming how to bring in the new. 

We'll be asking the question, "How Am I Doing?" How is your life working for you? If it's not, it's time for change - whether that be within yourself or your surroundings. If you can not change your s…