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A Skunk On My Porch - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 12, 2013


7 - Detective work and Problem Solving
3 - And talking about it

The dog dragged in a live skunk last night. I now have a dead skunk at the back porch and she is going to let ME figure out how to get rid of it. I told her what I thought.

The cat is kicking himself until there are tears in his eyes. But he's purring. Why is he doing that? 

Oh Lord, that skunk is smelling up the house...I bet it sprayed the house. Oh dear God. How can a dog put that thing in her mouth? I'm going to have to take the shovel and move it.

How am I going to get the smell out of this house? Maybe that's why the cat is crying. Now the cat fell off the bed...OMG, I think he's croaked. The smell is killing us all. I've got to get the shovel. What if it's still 1/2 alive? Damn.....

Detective work and got the idea.


  1. What an experience. I hope you will be able to laugh about it some day.



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