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Blessings In Disguise - Your Numerology Vibrations in July 27, 2013


Gratefulness. Selflessness. Humanitarian. Giving.

There are those that will work outside their homes today, but if you're up early (or perhaps you're a night person), it's time to take an hour or two and concentrate on YOU. Yes. YOU.

But we're talking about selflessness - doesn't that mean focusing on others?

If you do not have yourself in a good place, how can you compassionately look at others? And those who do know the fine art of compassion and selflessness often run themselves into the ground in exhaustion because they forget to take care of themselves. We're talking about a few hours (or one). You have the rest of the day for others.

Enjoy your coffee/tea hour in quiet or with a little youtube video, music. I know there are those who can not handle the thought of quiet in the room, so make it peaceful - not full of the morning news which is filled with death and destruction. Find humor and laugh. Find intelligent instruction or perhaps you may even enjoy a video on travel or DIY projects. Make it a positive.

What are you grateful for today? Find matter how simple.

When we start our day (or even end the day) focusing on GRATITUDE, it doesn't take long before we begin seeing more and more items we typically ignore. They are blessings in disguise and we don't see them that way. Yesterday, I was grateful for coming home to my swept, waxed, hardwood floor in the living room. See? It can be simple.

Pay a compliment to someone. Pay one compliment to someone and it might even be a stranger. You have no idea where that person has been and it just might make their week/month/year.

It's the little things today. Begin with yourself. Find the counselor within and then meet the world.