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Determined To Change - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 10, 2013


Determined to change! What's the change? That will be up to you.

However, it's not change until you take the steps - ACTION - and both the 1 and 5 know how to put their foot forward and DO IT! 

It's not a day for visualization - that was yesterday. It's not a day for "thinking about it" and coming up with a plan. That was Sunday. Like the gentleman above, it's time to grab the board and hit the water. 

Whether it's grabbing the newspaper and starting to make calls, placing an ad, typing a resume, posting your flyers on community boards, making an appointment, or a number of other ACTIONS, it's time. 

For those who desire the umph to move forward, this is a great vibration. And so often, the starting is our most challenging part. Hindsight being 20/20, it usually ends up being our easiest part. 

Action - Do it!