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Go for the Gusto! Your Numerology Vibrations for July 28, 2013


I realize not everyone loves this vibration, but 1/5 works really well with me. It's that GO - GO - GO vibration that says "I can do all things...."

The downside is that it doesn't work well with relationships, if that is what one is looking for.

Cerebral in nature, we're really doing problem-solving today and not just the type that thinks about it. It's about DOING - taking action. Movement. I believe that the last time I wrote about this I explained that it's the day we really do pick it up, pack it up, move it, store it, fix it, gather it up, you name it. There's no "Well maybe..." today. It's NOW.

As this vibration lands on a Sunday, it's not always the best time if your action requires a lawyer/solicitor, a professional, or a financial advisor. They are generally not open. But you can write down what you need to do and tomorrow, place the emotions of the 2 aside and do it first thing. Don't think - just do. Don't procrastinate tomorrow.

We'll not see this vibration again for quite some time. If you're enjoying it, go for the gusto!