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Keep It Light - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 26, 2013


The Number 8's mistress is its office. The paperwork, reports, problem-solving, even the key to the office door is a sacrament in the scheme of their career and life. These are our ulcer-folks as they grind their stomachs trying to scale the corporate ladder while balancing numbers. 

The Number 3 wants to do what they LOVE. They can be very good at their professions as long as communication (good communication) and/or creativity with others is involved. But generally, the 3 will close the office door and look forward to an evening of FUN and relaxation. They can leave it behind.

So when the two collide on a given day, responsibility can war a bit with pleasure. This is a good day for an organizer tablet. It's not all about driving ourselves into ulcers or just being free and easy. It's a time to organize balance within our day.

When I was growing up, my family always taught "Work first - then play." Of course, they meant play after 78 years of age because their work was never done. But that's another story. 

Work first today. Apply yourself to the tasks at hand and accomplish them early. Then mentally close the work door and relax. Laugh, Play, Enjoy yourself! Right now, it has healthy benefits that we all can use it.