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Make a Joyful Noise - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 21, 2013


This seems appropriate for a Sunday, if you believe in observing a time for spirituality. 

7 - the Spiritual Seeker

3 - the actor, musician, artist, communicator

Seeing these two together on a Sunday morning reminds me of the verse that begins "Make a joyful noise..." 

We don't have to sing. We can play music, make music, hum, or toe-tap. But if we will take time to admit it, we all do a little singing when no one is around.

There's great therapy in music - at least positive music. Today, choose those lyrics that are edifying and not tearing down ourselves or fellow human beings. 

Words hold power. Whatever you are saying/singing, you're bringing to yourself. Choose wisely. And if the lyrics aren't quite right, just choose music without the words. 

Hum along, sing along....make a joyful noise!