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Manifesting The Feeling - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 16, 2013


Intuition is running high today but so are emotions. So is isolation.

7 says, "I want to be alone. My mind is whirring as I do a bit of research and I don't want to be bothered as I work on this project."

2, on the other hand, needs the companionship of others, and has deep emotions that they'll show to the world. 7 also has deep emotions but they keep them hidden.

So what does that mean for all of us? We have a choice. We can ride it out knowing that all things pass in time. We can take conflicting energy and apply it to those things we wish to accomplish today. Or we can throw fits, rebel, scream, get the idea.

Me? I like the thought of finding the positive common denominator among two or more opposing numbers and concentrating on that when the world seems to be a crazy place. And though I wouldn't put the 7 and 2 together as a relationship couple, today intuition and trusting one's gut feeling could be a plus. The research that the 7 wishes to accomplish may be to discover what you love (2), bringing love into your life (2), improving a relationship (2), or positive community togetherness.

Need to find answers to any question inside of you? The answer is within. Take some time to sit on the porch swing, (or in front of the fire if you're in the Southern Hemisphere), and listen. Write your answers down, if you like. Ask the big questions. What do you feel? What do you wish to manifest? Begin FEELING what it's like to have that situation or object thereby pulling it into your life. Start the I AMs.

On the second of July I posted this video. About 25 minutes in length, it comes from a Christian theme. But as there is wisdom in all holy books, the concept need not follow any denomination. It is the power of the phrase "I AM" and today, it is well worth repeating.

From the Oprah Network is Joel Osteen's power message of "I AM..."