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The Master Teacher Within - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 18, 2013


Much will be expected of us today in the areas of selflessness to others and ourselves. Humanitarianism, counseling, listening join up with the Master Teacher who is selfless - looking at the best for others. It looks at the best for us. 

It's not a vibration of allowing abusive behavior to prevail because you don't want to say anything or stand up for yourself. Selflessness needs to be used to your discretion of what is healthy.

The combination of these three numbers also brings plenty of intuition, old wisdom, and spirituality. Look within for your answers today, as the Master Teacher is also within ourselves. What do you feel the answer is? Our selflessness can also come by stepping outside ourselves and be willing to listen to whatever answer comes our way.

Listen to others; listen for yourself. It's a day that we can glean much wisdom from the Universe and each other.