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Envisioning The Highest & Best Good...Your Numerology Vibrations for August 11, 2013


Sunday and our thoughts are going to be surrounded by the 11 and 7. Though "the book" would state it's a challenging day, we can look below the surface of the relationship challenge it generally presents to investigate the common goal.

Envisioning the highest and best good within us. 

The Visionary within (11) meets the Spiritual Seeker (7) who is also the researcher and investigator. Looking and seeking is one of the things it does best. And seeking out the best for ourselves is on the top of the list today.

It'll be a good time for soul searching, listening to the still small voice within and gaining wisdom. Have unanswered questions? Find a still, quiet place this morning and seek within. Listen. Don't question the results. Perhaps sitting in nature is more your style. Get away and delve into your soul. The answers are there. 

"God Dwells Within Me As Me..."