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For My Highest & Best Good - Your Numerology Vibrations for August 29, 2013


With the Heavens in total opposites, the numerical vibrations are telling us to do your own research (7) and for your best good (11). Though the 11 can be heartfelt, there are just too many cerebral vibrations surrounding today.

Think of the Hermit Card in Tarot. It doesn't have to be lonely, but we are looking within. We're doing our own research re: world events, and personal events and coming up with our own conclusions. We're looking at how it will affect us and what steps we need to take to keep ourselves safe and secure. (Safe doesn't mean that there is danger). 

Today, wherever you feel you've wanted to take your life, think about it. Put your ducks in a row and do you have all the i's dotted and t's crossed? Have you overlooked something that needs to be addressed? 

It's for your highest and best good.